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City Circles is a multidisciplinary research method that focuses on the urban environment. The research takes place within a circle with a diameter of one kilometre. To make the complexity of the urban figurative, a group of researching designers unravels this circle on the basis of a number of subjects. The project aims to unlock and develop new perspectives and ways of looking at urban life. City Circles studies have already been conducted in Athens, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Lisbon, in collaboration with Design Academy Eindhoven. The completed projects can be found on


More than fifty percent of the world's population currently lives in urban areas (UN, 2018), and this percentage will only increase in the coming decades. To facilitate this growth, research is being conducted on the future of the urban environment and the infrastructure required for this. City Circles focuses on unlocking the human, invisible, qualitative and difficult to measure data. Designers unravel different topics with the circle, piece by piece. Throughout this process, they are guided by (local) experts. The research is completed with an exhibition in the centre of the circle.


Each City Circles reads as a cultural biography of the circle and its values and can be used and consulted as such by third parties.


More information about the projects and designers:


Photo 1 -  Mario Campos
Illustration - Daeun Lim
Photo 2 - Mario Campos
Photo 3 - Lotte de Haan
Photo 4 - Pauline Wiersma
Photo 5 - Deborah van Putten

Photo 6 - Rik Maarsen

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