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A world without ketters
is a world without questions

Board composition

KETTER&Co is a collective of makers and thinkers that strives for a sustainable society by asking the relevant questions.


Through embedded research, KETTER&Co focuses on local agendas, practices, stories and materials, and emphasises the importance of involving future generations.


We – an artist, designers, an anthropologist and cultural historian – are and work together with thinkers, strategists and makers. We do research and fieldwork, connect and teach, and are deeply committed to system change.

KETTER&Co originated with Irene Fortuyn's artistic practice.



We do so by developing projects and methodologies that bring about sustainable change through the inclusion of other perspectives. With our projects, we aim to inspire others to discover and experience alternatives to existing practices. 
Our starting point is always the local context with specific attention to social, societal and natural ecosystem.


KETTER&Co strives to ensure that care and maintenance of our shared (social) space and everything that consists of it prevails in society. Care and maintenance as an integral part of innovation.



At least as important is the contribution of the Cos. This is the collection of people, institutes, organizations, municipalities, etc. that help us realize projects and that support us. A world without Ketters is a world without questions and together with our Cos we search for answers.

De Foodcurators Concept and design

Joost Dingemans Concept and education
Dana Savic Ontwerp en onderwijs
Marco Sweering  Photography and film
Arjan Karssen Public space designer
Thijs Verbeek Graphics

Liesje Lokbi Graphical designer
Esther Jongsma Concept en productie
Pauline Wiersema Campagne en communicatie
Maxime Benvenuto Designer project websites
Design Academy Eindhoven
Zone2Source Artists platform Glazen Huis, Amstelpark
Stigter van Doesburg Gallery
Bittersweet Shop Veenhuizen and Pauperhotel
Humberto Schwab  Socratic Design Academy

Thanks to

Gieskes Strijbis Fund

Creative Industries Fund NL

Fund 21

Province of Zeeland

Province of Brabant

Province of Drenthe

Annual reports

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