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Land&Hand is a multi-year project about the interaction between our landscape, material and the resulting craftsmanship. By developing collaborations between vocational education (referred to as mbo in Dutch), entrepreneurs and landscape organizations, the project strives to create a cyclical awareness among students, a revaluation of craftsmanship and the emancipation of the craftsman. Through a practical project at a physical location with a set framework and toolbox for teachers, students enter into a relationship with the landscape and the associated manufacturing industry in their environment. In each Dutch province, we work with a locally relevant question related to the landscape.


In the past, craftsmanship was linked to materials available in the designated area. As a result, the work of craftsmen reflected the surrounding landscape, with materials such as reed, call, stone or woods within walking distance. Due to industrialization, globalization and the cheap transport of goods that relationship has nearly disappeared. Today's climate and sustainability challenges require a reappraisal of our connection with the landscape that surrounds us. The Land&Hand project contributes to restoring that relationship.


Discover more information and concrete elaborations of this project per province at:

Winner of the New European Bauhaus Prize 2023, category 4 (Shaping a circular industrial ecosystem and supporting life-cycle thinking).

More information about the prize here:


Video 1 and 3 - Marco Sweering

Illustration card - Daeun Lim

Photo 1 - Marco Sweering

Photo 2 - Sterre Writer

Video 2 - Nick van Sterrenburg

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