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The VEENlijn narrates the story of the peat landscape and its long and fruitful history through an experience in the landscape.

The ancient groundwater beneath the Dutch peat soils contains humic and fulvic acid. The special properties found in these raw materials make them extremely suitable for wellness products. Inspired by the Dutch peat soil and the fertile substances it contains, KETTER&Co developed its own wellness line to create an adventurous peat spa experience in the middle of the Dutch landscape. Wellness products include veen|zeep[1], veen|goud[2] and veen|drab[3].

The soaps are for sale at Hotel Bitter en Zoet in Veenhuizen or can be ordered here. For orders of more than 10 products, please contact


KETTER&Co commissioned copywriter Jan Havik and theatre producer Sjoerd Meijer to create a Veenlijn story. You can listen to the audio story starring humic acid here.

[1] peat|soap

[2] peat|gold

[3] peat|dung





Photo 1, 3 and 6 - Sterre Schrijver
Video (2) - 
Marco Sweering
Photo 4 and 10 - Marco Sweering
Photo 5, 7, 8 and 9 - Roland Smit

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